The Centralcast Revolution

The first centralized master control designed and built for Public Television

  • All digital HD and SD file-based facility employing the latest broadcast technology supporting up to 200 streams of content delivery
  • Employs a tightly integrated Traffic-Automation workflow providing a scalable, flexible, and reliable architecture for future growth
  • Automated Disaster Recovery invocation by the system as required ensures that scheduled content is always delivered to air

Maintain your station’s local control of brand, identity, scheduling, and future business strategy decisions with lower costs and more efficient systems

Offering Ground-Breaking Efficiencies for Public Broadcasting Stations Nation Wide

Centralcast is already reaching more than 28 percent of the country via its active 26 streams of television. These partners all recognize and value the following benefits:

  • 24/7/365 staffed centralized operations control center
  • Intelligent workflow driving content to air with automated Quality Control, Monitoring by Exception, Playlist Management, and Transmitter Monitoring
  • Automated disaster recovery capability and control inherent in powerful POD management systems
  • Highly efficient automation workflow integrated with Myers Protrack ensuring that stations retain their own “On Air Personality”
  • A traffic system which is tightly integrated with Evertz Mediator automation resulting in fewer on-air discrepancies
  • Common Traffic Database allowing each station shared access to all content from Centralcast participating stations

If you are ready to have true year over year operational savings and to cease all local station capital campaigns for technical refreshes, then become part of the Centralcast Revolution now!

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